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Uncontested Divorces

Do you want to finalize your divorce quickly and at minimum cost? A simple, uncontested divorce can achieve that.

An agreed divorce is when you and your spouse agree to all terms to finalize the divorce (for example: property division, debt division, child related matters).

A default divorce is another type of uncontested divorce. It occurs when one spouse is seeking the divorce, and the other spouse has been served but is not participating or responding to the formal divorce proceedings.


Both types can achieve a low cost divorce, which is the best option for couples with little community property and for parties who can agree about child related matters, like support and custody. It's a cheap divorce that yields real and quality results if done properly. However, it's NOT a wise option if there's a dispute about significant property rights, spousal support, or any child related issues. 


Although you can get an uncontested divorce without a lawyer, it's very time consuming and you can very easily compromise your rights and property interests if done improperly. Often, folks who handle their own divorce have to re-open divorce related issues because of a lack of attention to detail in their final decree of divorce. An experienced attorney can protect your interests in marital property and your rights in child related matters, spousal support, and other domestic issues. Hiring an experienced lawyer who you trust not to drive up legal fees is extremely important to thoroughly finalize your divorce the right way.

Call today to schedule a free initial consultation with an uncontested divorce lawyer in Fort Bend County, Texas.

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